_S4A2203What can you expect when you arrive?

Dr Schlemmer practices from suite 1 on the ground floor of the beautiful and conveniently situated Hillcrest Private hospital.

A warm welcome awaits with Elaine and Nicole ready to help you with the necessary paperwork on arrival.





How does payment work?

  • We aim to be open and honest about all aspects of the consultation including diagnosis, treatment and the cost thereof so please do not hesitate to ask should you require any additional information
  • The fees of this practice are rendered in accordance with the fees set by the ENT Society of South Africa following extensive research and independent cost analysis by the South African Private Practice Forum
  • Each medical aid has their own ‘scheme rate’ based on the previously used NHRPL or National Health Reference Price List. In July 2010, Acting Jude Ebersohn of the North Gauteng High Court judged the RPL  to be ‘unreasonably low’ with health care practitioners not able to cover their costs at this rate and therefore declared invalid.
  • As such, there will almost always be a difference between the costs involved and what your medical aid is prepared to cover.
  • The account remains your personal responsibility and must be settled with the practice as detailed below after which you may approach your medical aid for reimbursement.



Consultation fees are payable on the day of appointment and are set at R1100.00. Cash or cards are welcome with a machine available at the practice reception for your convenience. A payment receipt will be provided so that you may claim some if not all of these costs from your medical aid. Emergency or after hours consultations will be liable to an additional fee

Procedures in the rooms

Procedures performed in the rooms are billed for separately and include an instrument fee. An example of  these costs include R300 for the use of the microscope to R900 for the use of the flexible video endoscope/ specialized hearing tests or video nystagmoscopy. Where a combination of diagnostic procedures are required the total will not exceed R2000 including the consultation

Other Services

Requests for repeat scripts, chronic forms, writing of special motivations and insurance forms are billed for separately. An example of these costs include R300 for a repeat script to R950 for completion of insurance forms or special motivations.


A detailed estimate of the costs involved as well as an estimate of what your medical will likely cover will be provided to you before the procedure. The difference between practice cost and estimated medical aid reimbursement must be paid before the date of procedure with the total amount to be settled within 30 days of surgery irrespective of third party e.g Medical aid / Gap cover claims.


Admission to Hospital

What do I do now?

We will provide you with a copy of the consent form as well as a letter detailing the relevant codes and an estimated surgical cost of the planned procedure.

Armed with this information, we kindly ask that you contact your medical aid for authorization for the procedure.

Dr Schlemmer works with the professional team of anaesthetists in Drs Beck, Danchin and partners and they can also be contacted prior to the operation in order to obtain an estimated cost for the procedure on (031) 202 6619 or

Should there be a difference between our practice rate (or that of the anaesthetists) and your medical aid rate, many patients will make use of what is known as ‘gap’ cover to top up on their insured amount.


The night before

Most operations are performed under general anaesthetic meaning that you will be fast asleep during the procedure and not be able to feel any pain or discomfort.

In the interest of safety, all patients should have an empty stomach before being given an anaesthetic so please take note of the following:

Adult patients – nothing to eat or drink 8 hrs before surgery

Adult patients with reflux/ heartburn – nothing to eat or drink 12 hrs before surgery

Children (2-12yrs of age) – nothing to eat or drink 6-8 hrs before surgery

Infants (0-2yrs) – nothing to eat or drink (including milk) 6 hrs before surgery with 125 ml of clear fluids (water/apple juice etc.) allowed up until 2 hrs before surgery


On the day

If you are scheduled to have surgery in the morning, please report to hospital admissions by 06:00 am

Please do not forget to bring your ID book, pre-authorisation number and your favourite soft toy along!


After the procedure

Once you are awake and comfortable and usually have had something to eat and drink you will be seen and discharged by Dr Schlemmer

If you have had a more complicated or lengthy procedure you may be required to stay overnight in which case you will be cared for on the ward where Dr Schlemmer will make regular visits until you are ready to go home.

Post-operative care and follow-up appointments are just as important as the surgery itself. Please choose a convenient time within a week of your operation to see Dr Schlemmer in his rooms for review.

Some operations may require more than 1 or 2 follow-up visits but please keep in mind that post-operative consultation fees (up to 1 month afterward) are included in the surgical cost and will not be billed for separately.