Visual Communication

ENT is medicine’s best kept secret no longer! With the aid of photos, videos and appropriate animation, the once ‘hidden’ anatomy of ENT is revealed for all to see and understand. Read More2

Microscopic Exam

The best instrumentation and equipment available is essential to providing uncompromising quality of care in ENT

Continued Education

While years of study lie behind, the ever evolving and expanding world of ENT means that the learning never stops and continued education remains essential to providing cutting edge, contemporary care.

Otology endoscope

Paediatric ENT

Children are not just simply small adults and require an individualised and unique approach to both their underlying problems as well as treatment options.

Ear, Nose and Throat, Head and Neck Surgery


Ear, nose and throat, head and neck surgery or otorhinolaryngology is arguably the most fascinating specialty in medicine. The ability to hear, smell, taste and talk allows us to communicate and interact with our loved ones and the environment in which we live. From tonsillitis to sinusitis, deafness to dizziness, laryngitis and rhinitis, the field of ENT covers common as well as potentially life threatening conditions including the surgical treatment of head and neck cancer.

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